Thank you for wanting to learn more about the Wisdom in Rhythm membership. You are here because you are interested in drumming, dancing and/or singing with other women in a participation-based rhythm community. Come as you are - no experience necessary.

The membership is a recurring monthly payment of $20.99

What you get with the Wisdom in Rhythm membership:

  1. Our 4th Sunday monthly four hour program. See a sample program here.
  2. Access to the growing number of courses provided by our members, listed in the Courses section for FREE. (*unless noted in the title) 
  3. Ability to advertise your outside services in our Member Directory for FREE (*on this site only - not applicable to social media groups managed by WIR). The Member Directory is viewable to those logged into the site.
  4. Ability to provide/workshop an online course to our members. See more info here.
  5. Invite to participate in our performance group.

Note: *You do not have to join our Membership to participate in our gatherings. For those who would prefer an a-la-carte option, they can choose to pay when they arrive at the gathering. Due to spotty internet at various locations, we do not have the capabilities to accept payment buy credit/debit cards (see below). Please prepare accordingly.

**In addition, for those who wish to pay by card but not join our Membership, we will also have up the specific Day/Event of the Gathering posted in the Courses section, so you can pay thru this site. Pay with credit/debit card a la carte here for a specific gathering.