Materials List


1. Project Pattern - Determine the size that you need and then cut it out.

2. Outside Fabric - The outside fabric is the fabric that will show when you are wearing the footies. You will need to choose a knit with a nice snap to it. If it’s a print make sure the pattern is small. Avoid anything that has alot of sequins or glitter, as this will gum up your machine or pop your needle and will slow down your learning. Save these fabrics once you have mastered this pattern with a basic knit fabric. To start I would choose a basic colored spandex fabric.

3. Lining Fabric - You want this to be a plain thin fabric that is not too slick or rubbery. The knit section at your fabric store will have a section labeled linings, any of those will work. Make sure it is a knit lining, not silk or cotton lining.

4. Elastic - This can be personal preference but I find it best not to get anything wider than your pinky finger. I use a couple of widths depending on the pattern size I’m making. Try to get a shade that is close to your fabric color, as it might show through. Most of the time you will have a choice between white or black.

5. Neoprene - I’ve used 2mm and 3mm neoprene. 3mm gives you more padding, but may give your machine a fit when you first start working with it. Start out with 2mm till you get the hang of things.

6. Thread - 100% polyester is the best and it does not shrink. Opt for the more expensive thread located on the shelves in the aisles (usually $5 for 500 yrds) not the basic black or white on the counter for 99 cents, as the latter will easily break in your machine. Also make sure you are not buying embroidery thread, it has a higher sheen and a lot more than $5 for less yardage.

7. A Pencil or a Drawstring Threader - A drawstring threader can be purchased at your local fabric store. It will be located in the notions section. I will show you how to use either of these tools to easily thread elastic. If you are using spandex without lining (will need lining for a mesh or lace fabric), you may not need either of these.

8. Pins and Scissors - Also straight pins with the little balls on top and scissor will be useful.

9. Sewing Machine - A basic sewing machine with straight and zigzags stitches is all that you will need. If you have a Serger, you might like to use it to finish edges, but it is not needed as knit raw edges do not unravel easily. *Also grab a ball point knit sewing machine needle size 10-14. (Optional: Heavy Duty or Jeans needle)


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